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8 Most Popular Window Colors For 2024 Home Upgrades

Posted on February 13, 2024

window colors

Just like your home’s siding and roof colors, window frames are here to make a statement with defining colors that create a contrast. If you are replacing your old windows, renovating your home, or constructing a new house, now is the right time to pick the perfect window color.

At Precision Door & Window Replacement, we’ve done the research for you. Today, we’ll explore the top window frame colors that are predicted to trend this year. We’ll also share expert tips on choosing the right shade, explore additional factors to consider during a window installation, and suggest the top window manufacturers with impressive color options!

Top Trending Window Colors In 2024

Let’s explore the colors that are most expected to start trending this year!

#1 Silver

Silver Window Color

Silver windows are often made of aluminum frames. These windows offer a modern aesthetic and sturdy design, which complements modern minimalist architecture and the need for better protection from harsh weather. The shiny tone of silver blends well with both light and dark exteriors.

#2 White

White Window Color

Classic and versatile, broad white windows continue to be a popular choice for homeowners in 2024. They enhance the overall brightness of a space, making rooms appear larger and more inviting. White is also known for its ability to fit various architectural styles, from traditional to modern.

#3 Taupe

Taupe Window Color

A taupe window color brings warmth and sophistication to a home’s exterior. This neutral color, often described as a blend of gray and brown, complements both light and dark siding, adding an inviting appeal to any home. Taupe is an excellent choice if you are looking to achieve a balance between trendy and classic design options.

#4 Bronze

Bronze Window Color

Bronze window frames are best for homeowners who want to stand out in the neighborhood. This rich and earthy tone looks luxurious, forming a unique facade for your home. Bronze pairs exceptionally well with darker exterior shades, forming a captivating contrast that draws attention to the windows.

#5 Black

Black Window Color

Black window trims continue to dominate the trends. Their bold and dramatic appearance adds modernity to every home they adorn. Whether paired with light or dark siding, thick black window frames create a high-impact visual statement, making them a go-to choice for homes with contemporary architecture.

#6 Copper

Copper Window Color

Copper window frames offer a distinctive and upscale appearance. This unique choice remains luxurious for decades as it develops a beautiful blue-green patina over the years. If you want a more affordable and custom choice, you can opt for a copper-colored finish instead of natural copper frames. Copper pairs well with various architectural styles too, making it an ideal option for people who want a traditional look.

#7 Dark Wood

Dark Wood Window Color

Dark wood frames are particularly well-suited for rustic or Tudor-style homes. These windows provide a classic and natural look, reflecting traditional craftsmanship. This window shade can add warmth and richness to your home’s exterior, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

#8 Light Wood

Light Wood Window Color

On the opposite end of the spectrum, windows with lighter shades of wood offer a fresh and natural appearance. You can also explore weathered finishes for a more rustic or coastal look. Light wood frames bring an airy and relaxed feel to the exterior for a breezy, modern aesthetic.

Choosing The Right Window Color For Your Home

Every homeowner should keep these factors in mind when choosing a new window color for their home:

You Can Choose A Different Interior Color For The Frame

Window frames don’t need to look the same from both sides. Manufacturers like Marvin® give you the option to choose a different finish for the interior frame. You can choose a black exterior window color and a wooden finish for the interior. This way, you can match the windows perfectly to both the exterior and interior of your home!

Set The Tone With Contrasting Or Complementary Colors

Determine the ambiance you want to create by deciding whether you prefer contrasting, or complementary colors for the windows. Contrasting colors can add drama and make a bold statement, while complementary shades create a harmonious and balanced appearance across the exterior of your home. Assess your home’s style and the surrounding landscape to guide you in choosing a window color that aligns with your vision.

Try An Online Home Exterior Visualizer

Utilize technology to visualize how different window colors will look on your home’s exterior. Many sites online have visualizer tools that allow you to upload a photo of your home and experiment with various colors. This can be a valuable resource to see how different window colors interact with the rest of your exterior elements.

Explore Options From Reputable Window Manufacturers

Select windows from reputable manufacturers known for their quality and diverse color options. Explore catalogs and websites to see the range of colors available. Top of the line manufacturers provide durable options as well, like impact resistant windows that offer high protection as well as beautiful curb appeal.

Additional Factors To Consider When Installing New Windows

Along with color options, here are some important features you need to look for in your new windows:

Window Type and Design

Common window types include single-hung, double-hung, casement, sliding, and awning windows. Each type serves different purposes, and the choice depends on factors such as ventilation needs, architectural style, and personal preferences. Also, consider your home’s architecture and pick the right shape, grid pattern, and other decorative features.

Operating Mechanism

The operating mechanism refers to how the window opens and closes. Common mechanisms include sliding, tilting, swinging, or cranking. Think about accessibility, ease of use, and ventilation requirements before making a choice.

Consider Impact Resistant Windows

If you live in an area prone to severe weather conditions, it’s important to choose sturdy,  impact resistant windows. They are designed to withstand high winds and potential impacts from debris during storms, which is necessary for your home’s safety.

Security and Locking System

Choose windows with robust locking systems that meet industry standards for security. Multi-point locking systems and advanced locking mechanisms form an additional layer of protection, enhancing the safety of your home.

Now, it’s time to learn about some of the industry’s best window manufacturers that offer windows with multiple color options, finishes, and advanced features! 

Manufacturers With Impressive Window Colors and Features

The following manufacturers offer a variety of impressive window trim colors and features, including interior finishes, exterior metal-clad colors, and a range of glass options with different styles and colors:


Marvin offers a stunning selection of factory-applied exterior and interior window finishes, bringing an upscale touch to your home. Set the vibe with their modern, elevated, or essential interior finishes, available in a palette of colors. The durable and low-maintenance finishes come in sophisticated tones like bronze, ebony, and stone white.


Milgard Windows brings a burst of variety to the table. Their premium exterior vinyl finishes come in an array of colors, while the interior boasts a crisp white. You can also choose standard exterior colors paired with white, tan, or clay interiors. But that’s not all, as Milgard goes the extra mile with obscure and tinted glass options. Dive into styles like Aquatex, Matelax, Clear 42, Narrow Reed, and more!


Optvue specializes in manufacturing innovative pass-through windows, offering unique features and capabilities. The brand offers a diverse array of window options with various hardware and color choices, like Beyond Black and Starburst Silver. From aluminum and satin anodized coatings to white and black 70% Kynar® coatings, their frame and sash-clad finishes are a visual treat. Additionally, you can opt for materials like Red Grandis wood, copper, and bronze.

With the right color and quality windows, you can elevate the curb appeal, functionality, and security of your home, ensuring a stylish and comfortable living space for years to come.

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