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9 Top Front Door Colors In 2024 & How To Pick The Right One

Posted on February 8, 2024

Front Door Colors

Are you looking for the perfect color for your front door? Let’s reimagine your home’s entrance in some unique colors that everyone will admire!

At Precision Door & Window Replacement, we’re here to help you choose the best shade for the entrance of your home.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the some front door color ideas that are sure to turn heads, and we’ll share tips on selecting the right color too. 

Trendy Front Door Colors

From earth tones to bold shades, we’ll explore a spectrum of colors to suit every architectural style and personality. Get ready to create a grand entrance for your home that stands out for all the right reasons!

#1 Light Brown

A light brown door will create a warm and inviting atmosphere, reflecting natural, rustic vibes.

Light Brown Door Color
Light Brown

Trim: White or cream for a crisp contrast

Windows: Dark bronze or black for a modern look

Siding: Light tan or creamy off-white to create a balanced palette

You can either paint the door this color, or choose a faux or natural wooden door to get that authentic brown color and texture. You can also make the front door stand out with wrought iron accents, traditional lanterns, and hanging vines. Architectural details like craftsman-style woodwork and extended rafters will also be a perfect match for this entrance door color.

#2 Teal

Teal is a vibrant blue-green color that evokes a sense of energy and charming personality.


Trim: Crisp white for a clean finish

Windows: Black or dark charcoal for a striking contrast

Siding: Soft gray or cream to balance the intensity of teal

A blue or green welcome mat and decorative door knocker will further enhance the lively appeal of a teal door. Additionally, you can place metal chairs and install columns to give a classic European feel to the entryway.

#3 Golden Yellow

A golden yellow front door evokes a sense of cheerfulness, bringing warmth and positivity to your home.

Golden Yellow Door Color
Golden Yellow

Trim: White for a fresh look

Windows: Dark brown or bronze for a classic feel

Siding: Black or light green to create harmony 

Vibrant front door colors like golden yellow will look exquisite with a green and red-colored wreath and brass house numbers. 

#4 Deep Purple

A deep purple entry door will look sophisticated on any home! You can make a unique and bold statement with this dramatic color and evoke a sense of awe!

Deep Purple Door Color
Deep Purple Door Color

Trim: Crisp white or pale lavender for a softer touch

Windows: Black for a striking accent

Siding: Light gray or creamy white to balance the richness of purple

With an elegant door knocker and stained glass accents, you can enhance the beauty and grandeur of this door. Avoid using too many colorful plants and stick to green vines or money plants to form a balanced facade.

#5 Matte Black

Matte black is always in for the way it creates a chic and contemporary look. Black-colored front doors catch the eye in an instant, and matte black fits best with minimalist and modern exteriors.

Matte Black Door Color
Matte Black Door Color
Matte Black Door Color

Trim: Crisp white or metallic silver for contrast

Windows: Black or dark charcoal to maintain the sleek aesthetic

Siding: Light gray or creamy white to create balance

Embellish your matte black front door with modern house numbers, stylish door hardware, and smart security features. Roof accessories like rain chains will also give more of a unique touch to the entrance.

#6 Copper

Copper Door
Copper Door

Copper-colored entrance doors can seem expensive, but you have the option to choose a paint with a copper finish. With this rich and luxurious shade, your door will add character to your home’s facade.

Trim: Soft white or light gray for a subtle contrast

Windows: Dark bronze or black to complement the copper tones

Siding: Neutral tan or sandy beige to harmonize the palette

There’s a lot you can do to create a traditional and luxurious copper entrance. A copper-colored entry door will pop out with copper lanterns and plant holders with copper details.

#7 Terracotta

Front door colors like terracotta infuse a sense of coziness and Mediterranean charm into your home with its pleasant earth tone. 

Terracotta Door Color
Terracotta Door Color

Trim: White or off-white for a clean finish

Windows: Dark brown or bronze for a natural look

Siding: Warm taupe or sandy beige to create cohesion

Here are some ways to decorate the entrance to make the color of your front door pop: Place wooden furniture such as a table and chairs on the porch, and hang terracotta pots with greenery on both sides of the door. Using a welcome mat with a simple or rustic design can also enhance the ambiance you’re creating. 

#8 Silver

A silver front door has a versatile quality that can adapt to various design styles, no matter what type of ambiance you’re trying to create around your home. In a contemporary home, a silver front door can contribute to a sleek and polished ambiance, creating a cohesive look with modern furnishings and finishes.

Silver Door Color
Silver Door Color

Trim: Crisp white or light gray for a clean contrast

Windows: Black or dark charcoal shutters for a sleek accent

Siding: Dark gray or pale blue to enhance the silver hue

Go for silver-colored house numbers, minimalist planters, and sliding windows with large glass panels. This exterior design will be a modern masterpiece, creating a one of a kind statement in your neighborhood!

#9 Sage Green

Sage Green Door
Sage Green Door

Sage green is a serene and tranquil shade, and with this entry door color, you’ll be providing a fresh and calming energy to your entryway.

Trim: White or off-white for a crisp contrast

Windows: Dark bronze or black for a refined touch

Siding: Soft taupe or creamy white to create harmony

Hang planters with cascading greenery and place a wooden bench or a rocking chair on the porch. You can also decorate the front yard with a fountain that has a custom or traditional design, and install stylish splash blocks.

With so many colors, we know it might be a bit tough to pick one. So now we’ll share some tips on how you can make the best choice for your home.

How To Pick A Front Door Color

Here are some quick tips to help you pick the ideal color for the entrance door:

1. Consider Your Home’s Style

Take a moment to evaluate the architectural style of your home. Whether it’s modern, traditional, or a combination of numerous styles, the color of your front door should complement the overall design aesthetic. For instance, a vibrant color like teal, or a bold shade like matte black might suit a modern home. On the other hand, classic choices like light brown or sage green could enhance a traditional facade.

2. Assess Your Surroundings

Look at the colors of the exterior walls, trim, and landscaping elements such as plants, flowers, and stones. Explore front door colors that harmonize with these elements rather than clash with them. For example, if your home has warm-toned siding, a door in shades like terracotta or copper can create a cohesive look.

3. Consider the Mood You Want to Evoke

The front door’s color can set the tone for your entire home. Do you want to create a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere, or do you prefer something more dramatic and sophisticated? Colors like golden yellow exude warmth and positivity, while deep purple creates a sense of mystery.

4. Think About Practicality

While the color is important, don’t forget about the practical aspects of an exterior door, such as safety, maintenance, and durability. Lighter shades may show dirt and wear more easily, while darker colors can absorb heat and fade over time. Choose a color that not only looks great, but also withstands the elements and requires minimal upkeep. If you are replacing an old door, you should also explore different types of door styles, security features, and operation mechanisms for an advanced upgrade!

5. Test Samples Before Committing

Before painting or replacing your front door, don’t forget to consider that colors appear differently in natural sunlight versus artificial lighting, so it’s essential to evaluate them in various lighting scenarios. Bring samples home from the store to see what they look like outside and when seen near the rest of your landscape.

6. Consult With A Reliable Expert

If you’re confused or need professional advice on selecting the right color for your front door, don’t hesitate to consult with a professional. Many door and window contractors offer color consultation services. They can provide really valuable insights based on your home’s specific characteristics and your personal preferences.

If you are looking to replace or paint your entry door or transform the overall look of your exterior, trust Precision Door & Window Replacement for expert advice and services in Southern California.

Explore Stunning Front Door and Color Options With The Experts!

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