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9 Best Types Of Doors For Your Home’s Interior And Exterior

Posted on January 29, 2024

types of doors

Doors can be much more than secure entryways and elements of privacy. You can transform your home into an artistic masterpiece by mixing and matching different types of doors for the entrance of your home, patio/decks, and garage.

At Precision Door & Window Replacement, we’re here with an in-depth guide on the best doors for home interiors and exteriors. Our experts have hand-picked the most beautiful and functional options to fit every style!

Best Types Of Doors For The Perfect Interior Upgrade!

Explore the best interior door options and their versions!

#1 Sliding Doors

Sliding Door

One popular choice among homeowners is the sliding door. These types are typically constructed with large panels and materials like glass, metal, or wood. The panels slide smoothly and horizontally along a track, and typically provide ample natural light with their large glass panes. Sliding doors are perfect for homeowners who want to expand the visual area of their space.

🚪 Barn-Style Sliding Doors

These doors have a rustic, barn-inspired design, often featuring wooden panels and metal hardware for an industrial look.

🚪 Pocket Sliding Doors

These doors slide into a concealed pocket within the wall when opened, saving space and creating a seamless transition between rooms.

🚪 Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

Modern and sleek, these doors consist of large, frameless glass panels that allow plenty of natural light and provide a minimalist aesthetic.

#2 Dutch Doors

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors, often referred to as half-doors, have an interesting and functional design that goes back centuries. These unique doors are split in half horizontally, allowing you to open the top portion while keeping the bottom closed. These types of doors are great for homes with pets, or if you need added ventilation, creating easy access without leaving the door open completely.

🚪 Traditional Dutch Doors

These doors are divided horizontally, allowing the top and bottom halves to open independently. This door style is often seen in country-style homes or farmhouses.

🚪 Paneled Dutch Doors

Featuring raised panels on both the top and bottom halves, these doors add a modern touch and can be customized with various designs, hinges, and locks.

#3 Textured Glass Doors

Textured Glass Doors

For added privacy without compromising modern aesthetics, textured glass doors stand out remarkably well. The opaque finish ensures necessary seclusion while still diffusing light through the space, fitting seamlessly in bathrooms or bedrooms where privacy is necessary, but natural light is also required.

🚪 Popular Textures

There are plenty of pre-fabricated glass patterns available on the market The most popular patterns are frost, statin-etch, rain, and more!

🚪 Glass Doors With Customized Patterns

Textured glass with customized patterns or designs adds a decorative element to the door, creating visual interest and reflecting your uniqueness.

🚪 Stained Glass Doors

Featuring vibrant colors, these kinds of doors are common in European architecture. You can create an artistic or exotic appeal with stained glass doors.

#4 Folding Doors

Folding Doors

Lastly, a unique interior option is folding doors, which tend to be practical yet aesthetic solutions. They are popularly used for closets or kitchens due to their ability to save space. They consist of one or more folded sections, making them suitable for wide openings.

🚪 Accordion Folding Doors

These doors fold back in a zigzag pattern, compactly stacking to one side when opened. They are great for maximizing space.

🚪 Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors have two panels that fold together, creating a wider opening than single-fold doors. They are commonly used in closets and room dividers.

🚪 Glass Folding Doors

For a contemporary and open feel, folding doors with glass panels are an excellent choice, allowing seamless views between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Remember, interior doors may not be suitable for exteriors. So, let’s go through some of the best exterior doors we’ve selected.

Top Exterior Door Styles To Make A Grand Entrance!

From contemporary sliding doors to timeless Dutch doors, discover the perfect statement piece for a welcoming and stylish facade.

#1 Lift and Slide Front Door

Lift And Slide Front Door

Lift and slide doors provide impressive entrance aesthetics combined with superior operation efficiency. Set with specialized hardware, these doors offer ease of use regardless of their size and material.

Top Materials

  • Traditional wooden lift and slide front door
  • Contemporary glass and aluminum lift and slide door
  • Rustic iron and steel lift and slide door

#2 Carved Front Door

Carved Front Door

Carved front doors are exemplary expressions of craftsmanship and artistry, offering endless customization possibilities! The designs range from floral patterns to personal monograms, making it the type of door design that radiates individual personality and sophistication.

Design Inspiration

  • Carved wooden front door with floral or architectural patterns
  • Hand-carved teak front door with geometric designs
  • Custom mahogany front door with artisan carvings

#3 French Doors

French Doors

For those inclined towards a classic architectural vibe, exterior French doors serve as an ideal pick. The doors comprise single or double hinge-hung doors opening from the center outward. They extend your home’s charm while ensuring adequate light, in and out access, and majestic views of your landscaping.

Popular Styles

  • Classic double French doors with glass panes
  • Vintage wooden French doors with louvered shutters
  • Modern steel-framed single exterior French doors with a minimalist design

#4 Barn-Style Garage Door

Barn-Style Garage Door

For your garage, this barn-style door is a rustic yet trendy option. Not limited to farms or countryside homes anymore, this increasingly favored style can significantly add value to an urban house with its unique vintage appeal mixed with modern functionality.

#5 Smart Garage Door

Smart Garage Door

Last but not least are smart garage doors, an example of technological advancement resulting in convenience at your fingertips. Smart doors are integrated with technical features such as remote operation through mobile apps or pre-programmed schedules for automatic operation.

Other Smart-Garage Features:

  • Smart garage doors with integrated cameras and security features
  • Automated garage doors with voice activation and smartphone app integration

These are just a few examples, and there are countless variations and combinations for each type of door based on materials, styles, finishes, and technological features. To make the best choice for your home, you must evaluate multiple factors. 

Expert Tips For Choosing The Best Type Of Door For Your Home

Doors impact the aesthetic value, thermal performance, and safety of your home with their everyday use. In order to find the right one for you, here are some key factors to consider when selecting interior and exterior doors: 

👉Understand The Architectural Design Of Your Home

The biggest factor is to understand the current, overall architectural style of your home. Is it modern minimalist? Perhaps Victorian or rustic farmhouse? Every architecture has a specific door design that complements its character perfectly. For instance, carved wooden doors add drama to traditional homes, while sleek aluminum ones suit contemporary designs effortlessly.

👉Assess Functionality 

When choosing a door type, don’t overlook the room’s functionality. While a sliding glass door may offer a chic look to a space, clear glass might not provide adequate privacy if installed in a bathroom or bedroom. The type of room should direct your choice in door. Bi-folding doors might suit closets or small rooms, whereas Dutch doors could be perfect for kitchens.

👉Consider Safety And Resilience To Weather

For external doors, the material choice is important since it needs to withstand external weather conditions and ensure safety. Steel doors often offer excellent security but may rust over time in areas with high moisture levels. On the other hand, fiberglass is resistant to warping and cracking due to fluctuations in weather conditions but can be more expensive than wood or aluminum.

👉Analyze Energy Efficiency

If energy conservation ranks high on your list, factor this in as well when selecting your door design and material. Doors play a big role in your home’s insulation system, thus affecting energy efficiency ratings. Fiberglass and steel tend to provide better insulation than wood since they can have a foam core.

👉Do Not Overlook Convenience

Even something as mundane as opening and closing the door counts in your consideration! Lift and slide doors, for instance, are great when you want a larger entrance space without compromising security, and they can be easier for homeowners with arthritis to use compared to doors with a knob that needs to be turned. 

👉OutlineYour Budget

Your budget also plays a large part in this decision. Sophisticated designs and materials may come with a higher price tag. Aluminum or smart garage doors can be pricier than traditional wooden ones, but they also provide an avant-garde appeal that might be worth the cost in the long term if you’re looking to sell.

If you’re using smart features like remote-controlled locks and integration with home automation systems for enhanced security and convenience, this will also need to be factored into your overall budget. 

To make sure everything is perfect, it’s best to consult a reliable door installation expert in your area. If you want to transform your home in Southern California with stylish and convenient doors, we’re here to help!

Get The Best Doors For Your Home In Temecula, CA

At Precision Door & Window, we transform homes with luxurious, classic, and modern doors. Our team will work closely with you to select the perfect door styles and materials for your home. If you like what you see, we’ll be excited to install those new doors for your home with the utmost care and precision! Call us at (951) 595-0126 to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts. Discuss your needs and get the best door installation service in Temecula and nearby towns in California.