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Lift And Slide Door Cost Guide & Tips to Save Money

Posted on October 26, 2023

Lift And Slide Door Cost Guide & Tips to Save Money

Lift and slide doors are a variation of traditional sliding doors with enhanced performance. This is an excellent solution for larger spaces where you need a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas.

If you are unsure about the cost of lift and slide doors, this expert guide has all the information you need. So, get ready to learn whether these doors fall in your price range, and get tips on picking the best door for your beloved property.

How Much Do Lift And Slide Doors Cost?

Lift and slide doors are often seen as a premium option due to their mechanisms and aesthetic appeal. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000 per linear foot for a lift and slide door. This price range includes the cost of material and installation, but the final cost of your project will vary based on several factors including the material, size, design, brand, geographic location, and any additional features or customization. 

Let’s break down the cost and some of the factors involved.

The Breakdown Of Cost For Lift And Slide Doors

Lift And Slide Doors

When you are investing in any home improvement project, like window or door replacement, you should know what you are paying for. Here are the major components that affect the total cost of new lift and slide doors:

Framing Material

The material of the lift and slide doors significantly impacts the cost. Common materials include wood, uPVC, and aluminum. Wood tends to be more expensive due to its aesthetics and insulation properties.

  • uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride): uPVC frames are cost-effective and low-maintenance, starting at around $1,000 to $2,000 per linear foot. They offer good insulation and are resistant to weathering.
  • Aluminum: Known for its durability and sleek aesthetic, aluminum frames are relatively affordable, typically starting at around $1,500 to $2,500 per linear foot.
  • Wood: Wood frames are known for their natural beauty and insulation properties, making them more expensive, ranging from $2,000 to $3,500 per linear foot.

Door Size And Number Of Panels

The size and configuration of the doors, including the number of panels and their dimensions, directly affect the cost. Larger doors with multiple panels or intricate configurations will generally cost more due to the amount of material and labor required.

Design And Features

Additional features can increase the price of lift and slide doors. These elements are used to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the doors. Here are some additions you can choose to make:

  • Custom Designs
  • Special Finishes
  • Energy-Efficient Glass
  • Security Options (Advanced Locking Systems, Reinforcements)
  • Integrated Blinds or Shades
  • Automation and Smart Features (Motorized Operation, Sensors, Smart Controls)

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Glazing And Energy Efficiency

The type of glass or glazing used on the doors affects both the cost and energy efficiency. Low-E coatings, double or triple glazing, and other energy-efficient options will add to the overall cost but may reduce energy bills in the long run.

Door Replacement Or Installation Charges

The installation cost can vary based on the complexity of the project, the property’s location, and any necessary modifications to the existing space. A difficult installation or spaces that require additional structural modifications may increase the labor and installation costs. Installation generally accounts for 20% to 50% of the total cost, depending on the project’s intricacy. 

Property’s Location

The geographic location plays a crucial role in deciding your door replacement cost, due to differences in labor rates and market demand. Urban areas or regions with higher living costs tend to have higher labor or material rates, thus affecting the installation cost.

Are you wondering if lift and slide doors will fall within your budget? The good thing is that you can save money on your door installation project without compromising quality and safety. It is possible with careful planning and consideration of a couple of factors. 

Saving Money on New Door Installation

Here are some safe and effective ways to save money on new lift and slide doors:

New Door Installation

Choose Energy-Efficient Options

While energy-efficient features can help you save money on utility bills over time, some may come with a higher upfront cost. Choose energy-efficient options that align with your budget and provide a reasonable return on investment. Discuss this aspect with your door replacement contractor and help them understand your requirements for maximizing savings, comfort, curb appeal, and other aspects.

Also, check for local government programs or community initiatives that offer grants, subsidies, or discounts for energy-efficient home upgrades, including door installations.

Communicate With Your Door Installation Contractor

Negotiate with contractors and discuss -saving options. For example, consider off-season installation, which may come with reduced labor costs for lift and slide door installation. If you have other home improvement projects in mind, try bundling them together. Some contractors may offer discounts for a larger project.

Shop For Hardware And Accessories Wisely

Choose door hardware and accessories from reputable, but reasonably priced suppliers. It’s possible to find high-quality products without overspending. Experienced door replacement contractors usually have certifications from reputable manufacturers, which can help you feel confident that your installation is being handled by professional, and trusted hands.

Proper Maintenance And Care

After installation, ensure proper maintenance and care of the doors to extend their lifespan. This includes regular cleaning, lubrication, and addressing any issues promptly to avoid expensive repairs later on.

By practicing these cost-saving strategies and being thoughtful in your decision-making process, you can successfully reduce the overall expense of a lift and slide door installation. If you are exploring lift and slide doors in Temecula, CA, we will be happy to help you out with the installation. 

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