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11 Highest Rated Window Contractors In Escondido, CA

Posted on November 29, 2023

Window Contractors in Escondido

A home’s windows are important in boosting its value, comfort, view, and beauty.  If you are looking into the top window contractors in Escondido, CA, you’re in the right place. In a market flooded with sponsored recommendations, it’s hard to find authenticity and quality. To help you find a reliable and outstanding window installer, we’ve found 11 highly rated and recommended companies in town.

So let’s explore the best window companies in Escondido that prioritize transparency, authenticity, and real customer satisfaction.

Best Window Contractors in Escondido, CA

Please note that these companies are not ranked in any order as they each excel in different aspects of window service. Below you’ll find an introduction to each contractor taken from their respective websites and other authoritative platforms:

#1 Precision Door & Window Replacement

Window Contractors In Escondido

Precision Door & Window Replacement has a rich history spanning two decades in the roofing industry, during which they have solidified their reputation as a reliable service provider. Offering free consultations, they prioritize safety and energy efficiency in all their operations. The inclusion of AAMA-certified installers and a 5-year workmanship guarantee also underscores their commitment to delivering top-notch services. What sets them apart is their specialization in custom window solutions, in which they utilize premium products from esteemed brands like Marvin and Win-Dor. If you are looking for the perfect window installation service in Escondido, CA, they have the best team you can put your trust in.

#2 Coughlin Windows and Doors

Coughlin Windows and Doors, started in 2008, has steadily grown alongside some of the top roofing companies in Escondido, CA. Operating with a customer-centric approach, they provide a limited lifetime warranty on their work and utilize renowned brands such as Simonton. Their focus on improved insulation and advanced soundproofing also demonstrates a commitment to enhancing the overall living experience of their clients.

#3 360 Windows & Doors

Next on our list is 360 Windows & Doors, which falls among the most reliable roofing contractors in Escondido, CA. This company encapsulates the ethos of this family-owned and operated business. With over 80 years of combined experience, they have become synonymous with quality and customer satisfaction. Notably, they use products made in the USA and contribute 1% of their profits to charitable causes. Their commitment to transparency, alongside a deep respect for their customers, sets them apart in the competitive home improvement landscape.

#4 First Choice Home Improvements

First Choice Home Improvements has positioned itself among the forward-thinking window companies in Escondido, CA, leveraging the latest technology and equipment to offer efficient roofing solutions. Their primary goal is to elevate the value of homes through comprehensive window upgrade services. With a dual focus on installation and maintenance, they ensure that their clients not only receive cutting-edge products, but also enjoy long-term reliability.

#5 Advanced Window

Celebrating two decades in business, Advanced Window is a family-operated business known for its simplicity, speed, honesty, and ease of service. Their streamlined process ensures complete window replacements in around 3 to 4 weeks; starting with the consultation to the final finish. This dedication to efficiency, combined with transparent and honest dealings, has contributed to their long-standing success in the industry.

#6 Classic Home Improvements

Classic Home Improvements is a proud family-owned business providing expert window installation in Escondido, CA. The company has cultivated a solid reputation over the years with its passionate and driven team. Based on the principles of delivering consistent quality in every job, the company holds professionalism in high regard. Beyond their commitment to excellence in window replacement services, Classic Home Improvements also actively engages in community service efforts through volunteering, reflecting a broader dedication to making a positive impact beyond their immediate scope of work.

#7 Pelican Replacement Windows

Pelican Replacement Windows, with an impressive three decades of industry experience, goes above and beyond to exceed customer expectations. Their commitment to 100% client satisfaction is evident in their strategic partnerships with reputable brands like Milgard and Simonton, ensuring that they offer a diverse range of high-quality windows. Moreover, Pelican Replacement Windows takes accessibility seriously, providing financing options that make their top-notch services available to a broader range of customers, demonstrating a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of their community.

#8 Escondido Glass Company, Inc.

Founded in 1948, Escondido Glass Company, Inc., has a rich history among other window companies in Escondido, CA. Their windows are meticulously designed to not only enhance energy efficiency but also provide superior noise reduction and security. Specializing in aluminum and vinyl frames, Escondido Glass Company, Inc., offers a comprehensive range of window solutions. Going the extra mile, they extend their services to include the installation of window screens, showcasing a commitment to delivering a complete and satisfying experience for their customers.

#9 The Window Shoppe

The Window Shoppe, a family-owned company backed by an experienced team, takes great pride in its ability to manufacture and install windows in Escondido, CA. Setting themselves apart in the industry, the company places a particular focus on vinyl window frames, showcasing a dedication to quality materials. Their fusion of a personal touch and professional expertise ensures that every project is not just a practical improvement, but is a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing addition to the home.

#10 Hometime Windows & Doors

Hometime Windows & Doors has been a trusted name in the industry, with a rich history of manufacturing and installing windows that seamlessly blend beauty with energy efficiency. The company takes pride in its commitment to honesty, ensuring that customers can rely on transparent and fair dealings. With a strong emphasis on craftsmanship, Hometime provides a solid lifetime workmanship warranty. In addition to their exceptional window services, they offer a diverse range of window blinds to enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of any home.

#11 San Marcos Glass

San Marcos Glass is a trusted, family owned company that has proudly served Escondido and all of San Diego County for over 30 years. With a passionate and dedicated team, they have built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality glass and window solutions. As a member of the National Glass Association and the San Diego Regional Minority Supplier Development Council, San Marcos Glass is committed to excellence and inclusivity in the industry. Their long-standing presence in the community reflects a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, making them a reliable choice for replacing your home’s windows with new, better ones. 

Choosing the right window company isn’t just about replacing damaged windows or renovating your home’s exterior. It’s a personal investment in comfort, aesthetics, and security. Each of these companies is renowned for a different set of expertise and qualities; from family owned legacies and decades of industry experience to creativity and customer-oriented approaches. So, take your time researching the best window contractors in Escondido, CA, and choose the one that suits your unique requirements and budget.